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Guitar Lessons on DVD

Free Beginner Video — Note Names

Guitar Lesson for Beginning Guitarists

Free Video - Guitar Notes for Beginners

Getting Started - The Basics
This lesson was created for beginning guitarists.One of the first things a beginner needs to learn is the fretboard layout. In the beginning you don't need to have the position of every note memorized but you should have a basic understanding of the layout.
Notes on the Guitar

Download Today's Free Lesson Materials Right Now!
You can download the fretboard diagrams and five exercises for today's lesson from our online video vault. This includes a free subscription to our newsletter. You can opt out of the newsletter at any time and still have free access to our video vault. Download all lesson materials now: Video Vault

If this lesson is too basic for you
If you already understand the basic fretboard layout and note names check out our free video that explains how to memorize and instantly recall every note on the fretboard:
Learn to memorize all notes on the fretboard.

96% of all guitarists can't instantly recognize note names - can you? Take this test.
This test takes less than five minutes to complete. It's the 2 notes to a string test explained in this video. Read about it and record your results in our online survey. You can also see how you compare to others that have taken the test. Are you part of the 4% of all guitarists that can identify all note names without hesitation? Find out now: Take our test

Learn how to memorize note names on guitar, by Doug Marks - Memorize the Fretboard

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